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Picking Your First Ham Radio

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 What an awesome task it is picking out your first Ham Radio. It can be a real challenge and will take some time, thought and reading. The first concern is obviously what is my budget, in other words honey how much can I spend on a new Ham Radio. The second part of your task is what are Ham Radios are there to pick from. Finally do I go with a used ham radio or do I go with a new ham radio.
 Well what I did was to determine my budget and check out websites like universal radio. This way I could get an idea as to what brands were and how much they cost. There are many excellent Ham Radio Websites to choose from, so be prepared to take some time. There are many excellent deals on amazon in the new category of Ham Radios. Just make sure to read the reviews and see what previous thought about a particular ham radio you may be interested in. I chose my Kenwood TS-2000, because it had excellent reviews, it fit my budget and it covers all the Ham Bands. That way I could listen to various ham bands before I had my General Ham Radio License.
 Now the next road to travel down would be the used ham radio plan. Here you will find the good, the bad and the ugly. In other words when buying a used ham radio, be prepared to read the reviews about the seller. This way you don't get stuck with a boat anchor. The best source of used ham radios is on ebay. There are tons of awesome deals and you may find a fairly new ham radio with lots of bells and whistles.
 One of the ways to go is to pick a ham radio that is what I call a starter Ham Radio. Some of the manufacturers like Icom and Alinco as well as many others. There are some ham radios that are lower cost like TYT and others in the 2 meter mobile ham radio category. In fact a mobile ham radio can be set up as your base ham radio until you can afford one of the big ham radios. You can find these on amazon and ebay for some pretty good prices.
 What ever ham radio you pick out, just make sure you enjoy it.

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